Originally they were in your eye - now they can be in your home! or on your front!
The original poster designs of John Foy now celebrated in a range of quality limited edition formats…

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White Visitors/Lipstick Killers T-Shirt


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Skull Printworks is proud to announce the release of our second t-shirt in the Limited 110 series. We are so excited to present to you the iconic Visitors/Lipstick Killers Civic Hotel (Sydney) poster.

This was John's first ever poster design. In the absence of a free weekly music press and certainly no internet John hit on the idea of producing 20" x 30" posters which could be strategically posted around the streets of Sydney. John needed to ensure his designs were visually arresting while keeping them legible when viewed from a passing car. The Visitor's poster is a perfect example of this.

Everybody involved with John's first design loved it but John who had outsourced the printing to an external provider hated the end result. John would eventually do a reprint of this poster himself in 1983 and it is the 1983 image that we have used for our t-shirt.