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The original poster designs of John Foy now celebrated in a range of quality limited edition formats…


"John’s artwork is synonymous with the Sydney Independent Music Scene. I know the Shy Impostors and the Lipstick Killers loved their association with him. I fondly remembering waiting at Crown St for (guitarist) Mark Taylor to return with the spoils, fresh from 'Skull'! and Mark slowly unfurling John’s latest design.... and that smell of paper and fresh ink! ....and selecting one or two for ourselves - then carefully planning a night hanging, Ha!"

- Michael Charles.

"blimmin’ WONDERFUL! John writes well too, a perfect mix of enthusiasm and passion… he addresses the facts with an element of pride, but avoids making it sound full of ego – hard to do when one’s addressing one’s own successes."

- Jules Normington

" Brilliant. I have to sit down and read it from cover to cover but love the layout images etc, great book. It’s funny how an era has so quickly slipped away and there’s a generation that has no idea what went on in Australia and, for me, Sydney in particular. I’m pleased to have been a small part of the world we all frequented. Great book. "

- Tony Mott

" Like everything you’ve ever done - the book is QUALITY and to be proud of. "

- Kim Sandeman

" I have thoroughly enjoyed your book. It takes me back through my record collection to the days I was buying all the Phantom singles and a lot of the Red Eye issues. Thank you very much for a great read, and viewing. "

- Tony Clarke

"Everyone in my family likes the book"

- Russell Kilbey

Henry Rollins
Supreme high-energy alternative music ambassador: Henry Rollins.

"The (Snaps Crack Pop!) book is really great"

- Henry Rollins

" I’m blown away by the quality of the book. I’m sure you’ll be getting some amazing reactions from everyone who sees it."

- Mark Taylor

" I finally picked the SCP! book up to day... exceeded my expectations... and photo's I didn't realise existed, so much to look at... it will keep me busy for a while... "

- Lachlan McLeod

" The SCP! book looks ace - it’s faultless ! Great stuff! "

- Roger Grierson

" I just picked up the book it looks and feels fantastic. Haven’t been able to put it down."

- Tom Takacs

" I had great pleasure devouring the book’s wonderfully presented content. What a ride it was. John Foy worked very hard to forge a brilliant life in the arts and it shows. I clearly remember sitting around the kitchen table at 81 Crown Street and being knocked out by the poster designs laid on the table. Good times."

- Murray White

Legendary independent music retailer and Lipstick Killers guitarist: Mark Taylor.

" The book is superb quality as all John Foy’s artwork always was, including the album covers - a hallmark of his style.

- Stu ‘Art’ Spasm

" The book’s great! It covers 3 decades of the Sydney rock n roll underground that no one but John Foy, with his unique position and perspective, could’ve covered."

- Tex Perkins

"I was there at the beginning, and for some of what came later, but I only saw the tip of the iceberg. Now, thanks to John and Jim, I’m getting the full picture. It’s beyond incredible. Snaps Crack Pop! opens the door to a lost world."

- Deniz Tek

"A rare insight into the passion and creative energy of rock when it was fast, furious and so much fun. I love Snaps Crack Pop! and the magic it weaves between its pages."

- Liz Reed

"The independent music landscape in this country is far richer for having been the home of John Foy. Right from the beginning his posters truly complimented the great bands they were advertising with a unique visual input and dedication to subject, represented by his eye catching graphic design and print detail. In many ways this dedication saw full bloom with the advent of the remarkable Red Eye Record label"

- Glenn Terry

"SnapsCrackPop! is more than beautiful art work of the late 80s and 90s alternate music era! It documents some of the history for some of the bands in what I believe was the Pinnacle of Australian Music!"

Paul Dickson

Leading Australian Music author Stuart Coupe, with Melbourne cultural prime mover Bruce Milne.

"The poster images and record covers that John Foy created defined my generation. This book explains it all and packs even more punch than Tex Perkins after an ARIA Awards."

- Stuart Coupe

"The book is awesome!"

- Chris Pepperell

"John Foy inspirationally directed images from familiar and unfamiliar angles, to often say something other than the original intention. Even the simplest works suggested layers beyond. That is a magical skill: to say something complex with often singular or simple images. It tells us something as the poster becomes as, or even more revered than the concert or the record that it is advertising"

- Ray Ahn

"Lest anyone cry, ‘Too much information!’, SnapsCrackPop!, it has to be said, is an invaluable book, because the story it tells, and tells so well, in such rich and unsparing detail, is an important one, of not only Red/Black Eye Records, the Australian indy that really showed all the others the way in the transition from the 80s to the 90s, but also its signature look, as well as all the other artwork that John Foy did that gave such a visual identity to the period"

- Clinton Walker

"An eye candy extravaganza of one of the most visually appealing periods of Australian independent music"

- Roger Grierson.

"John’s work both visually and musically was a big influence. His posters were some of the only ones of the era that were designed with a higher purpose in mind - more than just a venue poster, it was a beautifully screen printed piece of art."

- Ben Brown.

"It’s hard to say what was best about being on Red Eye Records; getting royalties paid or having John Foy do posters for my band"

- John Kennedy

"The book is great - a true piece of art. I'm a proud owner."

- Dave Easton

"Locally, John Foy just about wrote the book on music graphics/art - and then he really did write a book!"

- Bruce Milne

"Radio Birdman was all about breaking down barriers, using whatever available resource the band had with a do-it-yourself application. The music poster art of the mid 70’s was wall to wall stencil lettering, and the blandness of it inspired my Blitzkrieg tour and propaganda art concept for Radio Birdman which established the band's graphic image thereafter.

John was there, a like-minded fan of Pop Culture, music and art, one of the very few I could discuss the subject with.

For my own part, I merely created posters to better represent my work as an artist and the bands I happened to be in at the time.

John, in the process of his own work, documented the broader outward explosion of the alternative Australian music scene and our connection to the world beyond the critical challenges imposed by our geographical isolation.

John’s application of collage in a Pop Art context, use of vibrant colour and message legibility contained within the pages of Snap Crack Pop captures the clarity of purpose, energy and excitement of the Australian alternative music scene of the 70’s to 90’s era and the attendant visual re-awakening of the creative poster art tradition in the language of the street.

These were the means by which we communicated."

- Warwick Gilbert. March, 2021

JF in NYC with local resident: Black Eye Records protagonist Stu 'Art' Spasm.
JF in NYC with local resident: Black Eye Records protagonist Stu 'Art' Spasm.

"Enthusiasm, creativity, attention to detail, quality control. Working with John? Always satisfying results. So much output! He got stuff done."

- Simon Day

" John was there on the scene when my band The Flaming Hands needed to represent themselves visually, to promote our gigs and also our Phantom Record releases. John’s posters tell a visual story of the adventures of the Sydney underground music scene from the late 1970’s and way beyond. His eye for incorporating pop culture references and images into the posters, his great use of colour and movement, his understanding and love of the music, the breadth, depth, scope and passion of his work are to be lauded in this book, his posters put you right back at that gig, and if you weren’t there, give you an idea of what it was like. John’s posters really are a visual cultural history of the bands in the inner-city scene. "

Julie Mostyn

"Do you know what I really like about this book..? Page after page everyone is smiling - everyone’s having a great time..."

- Gerard Schlaghecke.

Words coming to mind when thinking of the Red Eye era: Colourful, creative, and allowing. Forever grateful for the chance to collaborate.

- Karin Jansson.

" The exciting and vibrant independent DIY music scene in Sydney perfectly captured in the words and pictures of one of it's finest exponents. John Foy was at the creative heart of one of the great music scenes in Australia/the world and 'SnapsCrackPop!' takes me right back there."

- Bruce Butler

"The strong design ethos of Red Eye Records extended to the gig posters that John Foy designed and produced. These posters were so visual, so exciting & vibrant. These poster images reflected the band’s music, gave an excitement to an upcoming gig.

This book gives us a memory and reflection of the past, when great music, exciting bands and a vibrant nightlife was our lifestyle."

- Murray Bennett.

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